Graphics Reference
In-Depth Information
A/Suggested Reading
and Resources
Here's a list of resources for inspiration and ideas as you design and make
things in 3D:
• Makers (Cory Doctorow)
• Printcrime (Cory Doctorow)
• The Diamond Age (Neal Stephenson)
• Kiosk (Bruce Sterling)
MakerBot Blog
Thingiverse Blog
The MakerBot support forums
MakerBot Operators Google Group
• The authors' blogs:
The MakerBot Manifesto
1. Innovation is best explored through the absurd. For every practical ob-
ject you print, you must print an absurd object.
2. Embrace the failures and put them in a box marked “Failures”
3. A MakerBot Operator shall keep his MakerBot in working order at all
times so that if an emergency object such as a lizard shaped swizzle stick
or working centrifuge need be created, the MakerBot will be at the ready.
4. Don't take apart a MakerBot that is in a state of workingness.
5. Failure is a form of progress.
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