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In-Depth Information
• Click Collect It! to add the thing into a collection to save for later or to
share with other members of Thingiverse.
• Profile photos of users who like this thing. Click I Like It! to join them.
• License information about this thing. This section contains a link to the
license that the creator chose for this thing. The license tells you how
the creator allows you to use the files they have provided.
Uploading a Thing
Thingiverse is all about sharing. That's why there's a large Upload a Thing
button at the top of almost every page!
Click Upload a Thing to start the process of uploading your thing. This page
shows you the uploading guidelines for Thingiverse which will help you de-
termine if the thing you are about to upload is appropriate.
If the guidelines make sense to you, you're ready to upload! The process has
a few steps, but they're fairly simple:
Upload the First File
If making your thing requires multiple files just choose any one to start with
( Figure 10-2 ); you can change their order later.
Figure 10-2. Uploading a file to get started
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