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In-Depth Information
Figure 10-1. The Thingiverse Thing page
Below the info card are two key sections.
In the left section you'll find various subsections for:
• Download links for all of the thing's files.
• A list of tags for this thing. Feel free to add your own tags! It helps other
users find the things they seek.
• In the right section you'll find instructions from the thing's creator.
• At the bottom is the comments thread for this thing—a great place to
see what other Thingiverse users think!
And further down on the left (not shown in Figure 10-1 ):
• Photos of physical copies made by other Thingiverse users. Click I Made
One! to upload your own.
• Click I Made a Derivative! to showcase your own derivative of this thing.
• Click Watch It! to be notified when the thing's creator changes it.
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