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2/The House That
MakerBot Built
In which this universal tool grants new eyes to
see your world, the power to make almost any-
thing, and the ability to solve problems that
couldn't be solved before.
When you have a Makerbot, you start looking at things—and if you want them,
you think about making them with your MakerBot instead of buying them.
When things break, you could start stressing out about where you'll find a
replacement part, but when you have a MakerBot, you start thinking about
how you can make your own part to fix it.
In our consumer-focused, disposable world, a MakerBot is a revitalizing force
for all your broken things. Having a MakerBot allows you to make things in-
stead of buying them—and in a consumer-focused world, that's a super
power worthy of a superhero!
Besides fixing things and creating them from scratch, you can invent new
things and develop alternative solutions to problems. With the cost of fila-
ment so low, the cost of failure is low and that means that it's not going to
cost you very much to try out an idea; if it doesn't work, you can adjust the
design and try it again and again. This ability to iterate is a powerful force in
the universe and it makes you unstoppable. So many people try something
and if it doesn't work, they give up. With the ability to iterate and make things
over and over again, you can become an unstoppable force of iteration and
invention—and you'll try and try again.
While the replicating possibilities for a MakerBot are infinite, the most com-
mon kinds of uses seem to fall into just a few categories:
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