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Figure 9-13. Kinect on a handle
Cleaning and Repairing Scans for 3D
While it is becoming easier to create high quality scans, creating valid input
files is sometimes difficult. Before you can print your 3D scans, you need to
clean up, edit and repair the files to make them printable.
The most common problems with 3D scans are:
• holes
• disconnected parts
• “junk” from the environment around the model or used to map the object
in space, but not part of the model
• open objects with faces that are not closed
However, analyzing STL files for errors and buildability has never been easier.
Each of the following software packages has strengths that when used to-
gether, can make it easy to edit and print great looking scans.
Tony Buser created the seminal video tutorial on cleaning and
repairing 3D scans that deeply informed this chapter of our
topic ( ) .
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