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Figure 8-58. SketchUp to DXF or STL menu option
Installing SketchUp to DXF or STL via the
Command Line
If you are running OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion, and you get the following error
when attempting to install the plugin: “SketchUp was unable to install the
Extension you have chosen for some unknown reason”, you will need to install
the plugin via the command line.
First, download this version of the plugin (
default/files/skp_to_dxf.rb ), listed on the website for
“Sketchup versions 6, 7 or 8”. Save the plugin to your Downloads folder.
Close SketchUp. Open a terminal window. If you have never used terminal
before, you can locate it from the Finder menu Go Utilities Terminal.
Next, copy the text below and paste it into the terminal window and press the
Return key.
sudo cp ~/Downloads/skp_to_dxf.rb \
/Library/Application\ Support/Google\ SketchUp\ 8/SketchUp/plugins/
Enter your password (the same password you use to authorize applications
on your computer)
Open SketchUp. There should now be an extra menu option (Export to DXF
or STL) in the Tools menu.
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