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When printing models that have been processed by CADspan;
if you open the model in MakerWare and you can't see the
model, click View then Center then On platform. If you still
can't see the model, you will need to convert the model from
inches to mm in by clicking the Scale button, then selecting
inches mm.
Option 2: SketchUp to DXF or STL
SketchUp to DXF or STL is freeware and it works for Windows and Mac-
intosh. It allows you to export your SketchUp model as a STL or as DXF.
Download the plugin from the link labeled: “Download Sketchup to DXF
or STL plugin - skp_to_dxf.rbz (only Sketchup version 8 maintenance
release 2 or later)” from
software/convert-sketchup-skp-files-dxf-or-stl .
Follow the installation instructions for your operating system on the
Guitar List page for the “Sketchup 8 maintenance release 2 or later” to
install the plugin. If you on a Mac and you are having issues installing the
plugin, see “Installing SketchUp to DXF or STL via the Command Line”
(page 130) .
SketchUp should now have an extra menu option (Export to DXF or STL)
in the Tools menu ( Figure 8-58 ). A dialog box will pop up and may inform
you that no objects are selected. Click Yes to select the entire model.
The dialog will then ask you what units you want to use export the model.
Select the units used in your the SketchUp template you selected. This
tutorial used mm, so select mm.
Another dialog will pop up and ask what format you want to export. Se-
lect STL.
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