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Scale the model down
Next, scale down the model so it will fit on the build platform of the Rep-
licator 2. At present, the model is huge.
Select the entire model and use the Scale tool to scale down. Green
handles will appear, you can use these to scale the model by dragging
the handles. Scale the model down to roughly 1/16 of the original size.
When scaling, drag one of the corners to scale the model uni-
formly. A diagonal line will appear through the model when
scaling uniformly.
Measure the model
Return to the top view to make the model easier to measure. The build
volume of the Replicator 2 is 285mm x 153mm x 155mm. Our model
needs to be smaller in order to fit on the build platform. A safe maximum
length measurement for an object is around 272mm.
Scale your “Don't Panic” sign to about 212mm in length.
Use the tape measure tool (it looks like a tape measure) to make sure
the model is close to 212mm in length. Click on the endpoint at the bot-
tom left corner of the sign (the endpoints look like black dots). Move your
cursor to the opposite end of the bottom of the sign and hover over the
endpoint to get a measurement.
You may need to scale the model down a few times to get it to a size
where it will fit on your build platform.
Create the holes to hang the sign
Return to Top view by going to the Camera menu Standard
Views Top.
Use the pan tool (looks like a hand) and zoom to fill the screen with top
left corner of the sign.
Select the circle tool and create a circle with a radius on 1.6mm on the
face of the sign just under where you created the offset border
( Figure 8-50 ). This will be used to create a hole that fits small nails or
tacks, so you can hang the sign.
Repeat this process for the top right corner of the sign. If you need to
move the circle to better position it, select the circle with the selection
tool (looks like a mouse pointer), then select the move tool and drag with
the mouse to move the circle.
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