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Figure 8-47. Base rectangle extruded up over bottom of text
Create a raised border
Next, use the Offset tool to create a raised border around the nameplate
base. Change your view so that you are looking down on the object: Se-
lect Camera Standard Views Top.
The offset tool looks like a red arrow pointing to the top left with black
half rings.
Select the offset tool and hover over the top plane (blue dots will appear),
then create an offset of the base by clicking on the center of the name-
plate and then moving the rectangle out until it is a border around the
inside corners of the nameplate base. Figure 8-48 shows this.
Figure 8-48. Draw the offset
Orbit and extrude
Orbit so that you are looking the sign as shown in Figure 8-49 .
Then use the push/pull tool to extrude the outside border to just below
the height of the letters.
Figure 8-49. Raised border / extruded offset
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