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Slice a chunk off the cylinder
Go back to the main toolbar and click Combine. You'll be prompted to
choose the target body; pick the topmost cylinder, which by now is
mostly obscured by the torus. Then, click the torus. Notice the small
menu just below the main toolbar; click the rightmost option on it, and
select Subtract from the menu that appears (see Figure 8-35 ).
Press Enter to cut a chunk off the cylinder, using the torus as a cutting
Figure 8-36 shows how the object should look now. If you've moved the
view at all, you'll need to adjust the View Cube so top, front, and right are
visible for the next step (click the Home icon that appears to the upper
left of the View Cube when you move the mouse over it).
Figure 8-35. Using the torus as a tool to carve the cylinder
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