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Stack a doughnut on top
In geometry, a doughnut is called a torus (but it's not as tasty). Let's put
a torus right on top of the Cylinder. This will add a nice rounded element
on top of the pawn's base.
Click the Primitives tool again, but this time choose Torus. Set the Torus
Radius to 3mm and the Center Radius to 20mm. Instead of dropping it
on the bottom of the canvas, you're going to drop on top of the cylinder.
Move the mouse around the top of the cylinder until you find the point
where the torus “snaps” to the center of the cylinder, as shown in
Figure 8-32 . Then click the mouse to place it.
Use the View Cube to move the perspective around and admire your
Figure 8-32. Finding the center point for placing the torus
Add another cylinder on top
Next, stack another cylinder on top of the torus. As before, you should
use a 40mm circle (20mm radius), but this time, make the cylinder
20mm high.
Prepare a torus for carving the cylinder
Now it's time for another torus. But this time, you're going to use the
torus as a tool to slice away a curved chunk from the cylinder you just
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