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3DTin is a web-based modeler. Although 3DTin has certain design limita-
tions, it enables you to quickly create your own 3D model for printing on your
MakerBot. 3DTin supports several different workflows for model creation.
You can create models using geometric shapes, voxels, or by building a model
from a imported 2D image (JPG or PNG files).
Web-Based 3D Modeling Programs
Tinkercad and 3DTin run in a web browser. In order to use them, you will need
to use a browser with WebGL support, so you'll have to use at least Chrome
10 or Firefox 4. Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version to get
the most out of these web-based 3D modeling programs.
A unique feature of 3DTin is that it allows you to use voxels (Volumetric Pic-
ture Elements) to quickly build models, similar to snapping together Lego
bricks. You will use 3D Tin's voxel blocks create a small 8-bit heart charm.
Some general tips before we get started:
• Save your work often. You don't want to lose your model because you
lost your Internet connection, or accidentally closed your browser.
• Before making a major edit, save your model and work on a copy. Reor-
ient your view of your model as necessary to make it easier to work.
• Use the camera controls in the bottom right corner to change your view
(top, bottom, left, right, home, and zoom in and out).
• To rotate or pan the view of your model with the mouse, click on the
symbol in the middle of the left hand toolbar with two arrows that looks
like a browser “refresh” symbol. Don't worry, it will not reload your mod-
el! This will let you drag the workplane around with the mouse.
• The cube in the lower part of the toolbar at the left side of your screen
lets you switch your view from the default perspective view to a ortho-
graphic view; this is helpful for looking at the top of an object top down,
instead of at the default angle.
Open your browser and create an account
Go to . You will need to create an account to
save your models. Click log in in the upper right, and you'll be pre-
sented with a blank canvas. Name your project by clicking Save As
(see Figure 8-3 ).
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