HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 4. Property Reference
Universal Values
Any user agent that has fully implemented the “cascading and inheritance” module will honor
the values inherit and initial on all properties. In practice (as of mid-2011), support for
inherit is much more widespread than initial .
Forces the value for the property to be inherited from the element's parent element, even if
the property in question is not inherited (e.g., background-image ). Another way to think
of this is that the value is copied from the parent element.
Forces the value of the property to be the initial value defined by the relevant CSS module.
For example, font-style: initial sets the value of font-style to normal regardless
of the font-style value that would have been inherited from the parent element. In cases
where the initial value is defined as determined by the user agent, such as font-size , the
value is set to the “default” defined by the user agent's preferences.
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