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auto | <length>{1,2} | [ <page-size> || [ portrait | landscape ] ]
A5 | A4 | A3 | B5 | B4 | letter | legal | ledger
Initial value:
Applies to:
The page context
Computed value:
Same as declared value
Defines the size and orientation of a page box. The keywords auto , portrait , and landscape
cause the page box to fill the available rendering space on the page. Page boxes set to por-
trait have the content printed with the long sides of the page box being the right and left
sides; in the case of landscape , the content is printed with the longer sides of the page box
being the top and bottom sides.
If a page box is specified using lengths or one of the <page-size> keywords (e.g., A4 ) and the
page box cannot be fit onto the actual page used for display, the page box and its contents may
be scaled down to fit. If only one length value is declared, it sets both dimensions and thus
defines a square page box. Length values that use em or ex units are calculated with respect to
the computed font size of the page context.
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