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start | first | last
Initial value:
Applies to:
@counter and @string blocks
Computed value:
Same as declared value
Defines how to determine the value of a counter or string value with regards to a page-based
element. For example, an author may define a CSS counter to express section numbers. The
author then might want to have the header of every page contain the section number of the first
section found on each page. This would be done using @counter secnum {page-policy:
first;} (plus related CSS needed to create the counter pattern). If the desire is to use the last
instance of the counter on the page, then page-policy: last would be used instead. The
value start uses the value before anything is done with the page; to continue the example, it
would use the counter number as carried over from the previous page, not the first instance of
the counter on the current page.
@counter chapter {page-policy: first;}
@string section-title {page-policy: start;}
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