HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Initial value:
Applies to:
All elements
Computed value:
Same as declared (or a clipped value if declared value must be clipped)
Defines an element's degree of opacity using a number in the range 0-1, inclusive. Any values
outside that range are clipped to the nearest edge (0 or 1). This property affects every visible
portion of an element. If it is necessary to have the content of an element semiopaque but not
the background, or vice versa, use alpha color types such as rgba() .
An element with opacity of 0 is effectively invisible and may not respond to mouse or other
DOM events. Because of the way semiopaque elements are expected to be drawn, an element
with opacity less than 1.0 creates its own stacking context even if it is not positioned. For
similar reasons, an absolutely positioned element with opacity less than 1 and a z-index of
auto force-alters the z-index value to 0 .
h2 {opacity: 0.8;}
.hideme {opacity: 0;}
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