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Initial value:
Applies to:
Elements whose display value is list-item
Computed value:
Same as declared value
Defines the type of marker system to be used in the presentation of a list. CSS3 provides a
greatly expanded number of list types, but as of early 2011, support for these newer list types
was spotty. Use extra caution when using list types beyond those provided by CSS2.1.
There is no defined behavior for what happens when a list using an alphabetic ordering ex-
ceeds the letters in the list. For example, once an upper-latin list reaches “Z,” the specifica-
tion does not say what the next bullet should be. (Two possible answers are “AA” and “ZA.”)
This is the case regardless of the alphabet in use. Thus, there is no guarantee that different user
agents will act consistently.
ul {list-style-type: square;}
ol {list-style-type: lower-roman;}
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