HTML and CSS Reference
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[ normal | <length> | <percentage> ]{1,3}
Initial value:
Applies to:
All elements
Refer to the width of the Unicode space glyph (U+0020) of the element's font face
Computed value:
For length values, the absolute length; otherwise, normal
Defines the amount of whitespace to be inserted between the character boxes of text. Because
character glyphs are typically narrower than their character boxes, length values create a mod-
ifier to the usual spacing between letters. Thus, normal is (most likely) synonymous with 0 .
Negative length and percentage values are permitted and will cause letters to bunch closer to-
The three possible values correspond to the minimum, maximum, and optimal spacing
between letters. If two values are listed, the first corresponds to the minimum and optimal spa-
cing and the second to the maximum spacing. If a single value is listed, it is used for all three.
If the text is justified, the user agent may exceed the maximum spacing if necessary, but it is
never supposed to go below the minimum spacing. For nonjustified text, the optimal spacing
is always used.
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