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slice | clone
Initial value:
Applies to:
All elements
Computed value:
Same as declared value
Defines whether the decorations—the background, padding, borders, rounded corners, border
image, and box shadow—of a box that has been rendered in multiple pieces are applied to
each piece separately or applied to the entire box before it is broken apart.
The most common case is an inline element that wraps across one or more line breaks. With
the default behavior, slice , the pieces of the inline element are drawn as though the whole
element was laid out in a single line and then sliced apart at each line break. If clone is de-
clared, then each piece of the element is decorated as though they were separate elements
sharing the same styles.
box-decoration-break also applies to block boxes that are split across columns or pages.
span {box-decoration-break: clone;}
a {box-decoration-break: slice;}
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