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[ <length> | <percentage> | <number> | auto ]{1,4}
Initial value:
Applies to:
All elements excepttable elements where border-collapse is collapse
Refer to the size of the border image area
Computed value:
Same as declared value (but see description)
Defines an image width for each of the four sides of an image border. Border image slices that
have a different width than the border image width value are scaled to match it, which may
impact how they are repeated. For example, if the right edge of an image border is 10 pixels
wide, but border-image-width: 3px; has been declared, the border images along the right
side are scaled to be three pixels wide.
Note that border-image-width is different from border-width : a border image's width can
be different than the width of the border area. In cases where the image is wider or taller than
the border area, it will be clipped by default (but border-image-outset may prevent this). If
it is narrower or shorter than the border area, it will not be scaled up.
aside {border-image-width: 8 3 13;}
div#pow{border-image-width: 25px 35;}
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