HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Including comments in CSS is simple. You open with /* and end with */ , like this:
/* This is a comment! */
Comments can be multiple lines long:
/* This is a comment!
This is a continuation of the comment.
And so is this. */
They can also occur anywhere within a style sheet except in the middle of a token (property
name or value):
h1/* heading-level-1 */ {color /* foreground color */:
rgba(23,58,89,0.42) /* RGB + opacity */;}
HTML (properly SGML) comments ( <!-- such as this --> ) are permitted in style sheets
so as to hide the styles from browsers so old that they don't understand HTML 3.2. They do
notact as CSS comments; that is, anything contained in an HTML comment will be seen and
interpreted by the CSS parser.
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