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The EJB API has been incrementally enhanced with the 3.2 release. The enhancements that have been included in
the release help developers create more integrated solutions. To summarize, the new features covered in this topic
include the following:
Lifecycle callback interceptor methods of stageful session beans added option to be executed
in transaction context that is determined by the lifecycle callback method's transaction
Ability to disable passivation of stageful session beans
TimerService API enhancements
Embeddable EJBContainer has been enhanced to implement AutoClosable
Default rules for session bean to designate local or remote interfaces have been relaxed
Enhanced JMS MDB activation properties
EJB Lite enhancements
The inclusions in this release are not limited to those that have been presented in this topic. To learn
more about these additional features, please take a look at the specification, which is available at: . Additional features of the 3.2 release include:
MDB contracts enhanced with a no-method message listener interface to expose any public
methods as message listeners
New security role named “**” which indicates any authenticated callers that are not assigned
to a designated role name
Local asynchronous session bean invocations and non-persistent EJB Timer Service has been
added to the EJB Lite group
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