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If a nonprotected page attempts to access a protected page without being validated by the ViewHandler as a
secure view, then a javax.faces.application.ProtectedViewException will be raised. To specify a view manually,
place the <protected-views> element in the faces-config.xml file, as shown here:
The JSF 2.2 release adds great value to an already robust web framework. The addition of viewActions enables
developers to invoke server side actions when views are accessed, which can be useful in any number of scenarios.
The inclusion of faces flows helps to make web conversations even tighter, allowing scope to be maintained
throughout the lifecycle of a conversation. HTML5 is becoming a prevalent option for web application development,
and JSF 2.2 binds JSF with HTML5 more closely than in previous releases. This enables developers with more options
for including HTML5 content within existing JSF applications, and even building entire JSF applications using HTML5
for the entire front end. Resource library contracts help to bring the concept of multi-templating into fruition, and
security enhancements help to make JSF applications even more solid. The JSF 2.2 release is a very important release
in the evolution of JSF, and it should enable the world of Java Enterprise to become even more widespread and a top
choice for web development for the HTML5 era.
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