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The NetBeans IDE wizards help with the creation of JMS resources. To create a JMS resource from the IDE,
perform the following steps:
Right-click on a project directory, or select File “New File” from the NetBeans File menu
to open the “New File” dialog.
Select “Glassfish” from the “Categories” selection box of the “New File” dialog, and then
choose “JMS Resource” from the “File Types” selection box. This will open the “New JMS
Resource” dialog (Figure 12-13 ).
Figure 12-13. New JMS Resource
Type a JNDI name for the resource, and then choose the resource type from the given
options. Once you've done this, press the “Next” button.
Add any properties to the JMS resource using the “JMS Properties” panel of the “New JMS
Resource” dialog (Figure 12-14 ).
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