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The JSF Pages from Entity Classes file selection can be quite powerful, in that it allows one to choose an Entity
Class from which to generate a JSF page, and then the resulting JSF page will be bound to the entity class upon
generation. In order to use this option, the project must contain at least one entity class.
The NetBeans IDE provides excellent support for JPA, including schema generation support, code completion and
annotation support, as well as facilities to help develop Entity Bean classes either manually, or based upon a selected
database table. To access the entity class wizards, right-click on a project's “Source Packages” folder to open the
context-menu, and then choose “New” “Other” to open the “New File” dialog. Once open, choose the “Persistence”
category from the left-hand list box to display the file types in the right-hand list box (Figure 12-11 ).
Figure 12-11. New File - Persistence
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