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The NetBeans IDE makes it easy to generate files and work with markup\code within JSF application projects.
The NetBeans 7.3 release brings forth many enhancements that enable compatibility with Java EE 7. In this section,
we'll cover many of the most useful JSF features with step-by-step instructions. However, there are many hidden
features that do not require step-by-step instructions, but are very useful. The following list includes Java EE 7 specific
updates that are low-keyed, but important nonetheless:
javax.faces.bean will be deprecated
The IDE hints that tag argument
JSF editor complains about use of
jsf: and p:
Editor is now enabled for use with JSF 2.2 specific markup, such as the new
Facelets template client now loads templates from the Resource Libraries
@FlowScoped scope
Awareness of the
To open the JSF menu, right-click on an application “Source Packages” directory to open the context menu.
From within the context menu, choose “New” and then “Other . . . ” to open the “New File” dialog. Within the dialog,
choose “JavaServer Faces” from the Categories listbox to open the JSF file types within the left-hand listbox (Figure 12-8 ).
Figure 12-8. New File Menu - JSF File Types
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