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In the command above, name-of-service can be whatever name you choose. The create-managed-thread-factory
command has many options that can be specified. To see and learn more about each option, invoke the command
help by issuing the --help flag after the command, rather than providing the name of the service to create. At a
minimum, the desired name for the resource should be included with the invocation of the command. However, there
are a number of different options that can be specified to customize the resource. To learn more about those options,
please see the online documentation. One can also create a ManagedThreadFactory from within the GlassFish
administrative console. To do so, log into the console, and navigate to the Resources Concurrent Resources
Managed Thread Factories menu option from the left-hand tree menu (Figure 11-5 ).
Figure 11-5. Managed Thread Factories Panel
Once you have navigated to the “Managed Thread Factories” panel, click on the “New” button to open the “New
Managed Thread Factory” panel (Figure 11-6 ). Specify a JNDI name and, optionally, a thread priority. Lastly, click on
“OK” to create the resource.
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