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To get started with the examples in this topic, we will briefly demonstrate how to create these resources using the
Glassfish v4 administrative console. Let's take a look at how to create a javax.jmx.Queue resource. Follow the steps
below in order to create the resource:
Log into the Glassfish Administrative Console, and Expand the Resources JMS Resources
menu in the navigation tree to expose the “Destination Resources” menu option
(Figure 10-1 ).
Figure 10-1. Glassfish Administration Console Destination Resource Menu
Click the “New” button within the “JMS Destination Resources” window (Figure 10-2 ) to
open the “New JMS Destination Resource” window. Enter a JNDI name (beginning with
jms/ ), followed by providing a unique name for the “Physical Destination Name,” and
finally, choose the Resource Type that you wish to create.
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