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Utilizing APIs such as WebSockets and JSON-P can help to make applications more versatile and compliant with
HTML5. Asynchronous communication, such as WebSockets solutions, is a must-have for modern web applications.
Modern Java EE 7 applications that send and receive messages can now utilize standards by combining WebSockets
and JSON-P to create robust solutions.
The release of Java EE 7 comes a long way in revolutionizing the way in which Java enterprise applications are built.
HTML5 has changed the way that we interact with applications and/or websites via a browser. In order to make the
best use of HTML5, technologies such as WebSockets and JSON must be used. The WebSockets and JSON-P APIs
help to ensure that Java EE applications can be written to enable responsive and easy-to-use application interfaces.
Although these APIs have been recently added to Java EE, they can also be used with older techonlogies to help clear
the way for more advanced messaging and functionality.
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