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• Go buy a program called R Studio from R-TT and follow the instructions in the topic to the
.• Restart machine with the L&F disk in and follow the on screen prompts, and it will COPY all
the data you choose. When it's complete, it will give you a report of success and/or failure on
particular files. And as long as the hard drive is not physically destroyed, you will be able to
copy over all the recoverable data . The nice thing about this is it COPIES only—no writing to
the messed-up drive. I used this very successfully on a drive that the FAT became corrupt on
and would not ID or boot up on.
From: Tomer Har Nesher
Hi, I have three ideas:
1) Install the hard drive on other machine that is running same OS. If the disk partition is FAT
or FAT32, you can start the machine by using WIN98 system diskette without install the hard
drive on other machine.
2) We found some problems with hard drive that happen after few minutes of work. In this
case, you should disconnect the hard drive from power (by turning off the machine) for few
minutes, then turn it on and back up immediately until it will be warm again and you'll not be
able to read the data. Do it until you'll have all files copied.
3) If you have same drive (SAME MODEL), you can replace the unreachable disk's main board
and trying to read the data.
There is no one way to this matter to the disk drive quiz. So I am going to give it a try. I have
had this problem in the past, actually a few times.
• I checked to see if there are any viruses that affected the Fat table of the drive, and then I
used a hard drive that was sys'ed and set the other one as slave. I was able to read the
partition and copy the data over. If that didn't work use ex: Norton disk doctor or any other
disk examiner and see if that was able to correct the problem. Run it off the first hard drive.
• One other way it could be done is if you knew that the controller board on the hard drive was
bad is to replace that board with a exact one off of another PC and go back into setup and use
auto to reconfigure. I have only used this method once and it worked.
From: Darren Brown
Hmmm....gotta hate those hard drive problems.....
"The sounds of the game"
Let's take a look at the hard drive itself. Is it plugged in properly? Just ask the customer a
polite question about it possibly being moved or bumped. Loose cables are the most common
problem in a case like this. If it is plugged in properly, just try to boot it again after checking
the connections. Sometimes a connector did come out a bit on one side and you put it back
properly without noticing. "Put the right spin on things" Next, is the drive spinning when you
turn the computer on? If it isn't, check the power cable to the drive. If that was fine, tap the
drive lightly on the side to see if it spins up. Sometimes that works (if it does, back it up and
order a new drive immediately!). I encountered a drive that acted like this a year ago. If you
kept tapping it, it kept spinning. So, for three hours, I sat there tapping this drive until I got all
the company's accounting data off of it. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your
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