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% jcmd process_id JFR.stop [options_list]
That command takes the following options:
name= name
The recording name to stop.
recording= n
The recording number (from JFR.check ) to stop.
discard= boolean
If true , discard the data rather than writing it to the previously provided filename (if
filename= path
Write the data to the given path.
In an automated performance testing system, running these command-line tools and produ-
cing a recording is useful when it comes time to examine those runs for regressions.
Selecting JFR Events
JFR (presently) supports approximately 77 events. Many of these events are periodic events:
they occur every few milliseconds (e.g., the profiling events work on a sampling basis). Oth-
er events are triggered only when the duration of the event exceeds some threshold (e.g., the
event for reading a file is triggered only if the read() method has taken more than some spe-
cified amount of time).
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