Java Reference
In-Depth Information
Thread statistics
▪ Number of threads created and destroyed; thread dumps
▪ Which threads are blocked on locks (and the specific lock they are blocked on)
▪ Throwable classes used by the application
▪ How many exceptions and errors are thrown and the stack trace of their creation
TLAB allocation
▪ The number of allocations in the heap and size of thread-local allocation buffers
▪ The specific objects allocated in the heap and the stack trace where they are allocated
File and socket I/O
▪ Time spent performing I/O
▪ Time spent per read/write call, the specific file or socket taking a long time to read or
Monitor blocked
▪ Threads waiting for a monitor
▪ Specific threads blocked on specific monitors and the length of time they are blocked
Code cache
▪ Size of code cache and how much it contains
▪ Methods removed from the code cache; code cache configuration
Code compilation
▪ Which methods are compiled, OSR compilation, and length of time to compile
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