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- Thread (reserved=84455KB, committed=84455KB)
(thread #77)
(stack: reserved=79156KB, committed=79156KB)
(malloc=243KB, #314)
(arena=5056KB, #154)
Seventy-seven thread stacks were allocated at about 1 MB each.
- Code (reserved=102581KB, committed=15221KB)
(malloc=2741KB, #4520)
(mmap: reserved=99840KB, committed=12480KB)
This is the JIT code cache: 19,378 classes is not very many, so just a small section of the
code cache is committed.
- GC (reserved=183268KB, committed=173156KB)
(malloc=5768KB, #110)
(mmap: reserved=177500KB, committed=167388KB)
These are areas outside the heap that GC algorithms use for their processing.
- Compiler (reserved=162KB, committed=162KB)
(malloc=63KB, #229)
(arena=99KB, #3)
Similarly, this area is used by the compiler for its operations, apart from the resulting code
placed in the code cache.
- Symbol (reserved=12093KB, committed=12093KB)
(malloc=10039KB, #110773)
(arena=2054KB, #1)
Interned String references and symbol table references are held here.
- Memory Tracking (reserved=22466KB, committed=22466KB)
(malloc=22466KB, #1872)
NMT itself needs some space for its operation.
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