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23.430: [GC pause (young), 0.23094400 secs]
[Eden: 1286M(1286M)->0B(1212M)
Survivors: 78M->152M Heap: 1454M(4096M)->242M(4096M)]
[Times: user=0.85 sys=0.05, real=0.23 secs]
Collection of the young generation took 0.23 seconds of real time, during which the GC
threads consumed 0.85 seconds of CPU time. 1,286 MB of objects were moved out of eden
(which was resized to 1,212 MB); 74 MB of that was moved to the survivor space (it in-
creased in size from 78 M to 152 MB) and the rest were freed. We know they were freed by
observing that the total heap occupancy decreased by 1,212 MB. In the general case, some
objects from the survivor space might have been moved to the old generation, and if the sur-
vivor space were full, some objects from eden would have been promoted directly to the old
generation—in those cases, the size of the old generation would increase.
A concurrent G1 cycle begins and ends as shown in Figure 6-7 .
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