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For long-running applications, always choose the server compiler, preferably in conjunc-
tion with tiered compilation.
Java and JIT Compiler Versions
Now that differences between the compilers have been examined, let's look at how to get the
desired compiler. When you download Java, you must choose a version; the choice ulti-
mately revolves around the platform you are using. However, the choice also impacts the JIT
compiler(s) available to applications. The discussion so far has been about client and server
compilers, but there are three versions of the JIT compiler:
▪ A 32-bit client version ( -client )
▪ A 32-bit server version ( -server )
▪ A 64-bit server version ( -d64 )
To a certain extent, you choose the compiler you want to use by supplying the given argu-
ment ( -server , etc.). However, things are not quite so simple.
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