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The results of this study point to numerous opportunities for further research to improve
accuracy assessment methods for regional scale assessments, including: (1) examining the impact
of alternate classes in the accuracy assessment, (2) evaluating and analyzing the effect of positional
errors on accuracy assessment, (3) collecting field data for the 225 overlapping sample sites to
validate the interpretation, and (4) analyzing satellite data with a higher temporal resolution to
better identify changes between the acquisition of TM data and NAPP photography (e.g., using
The results reported here were generated through an agreement funded by the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA). The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not
necessarily reflect the views of EPA or any of its subagencies. The authors would like to thank
EPA, USGS-EROS Data Center (EDC) for their support and for the assistance given on this project.
The authors would also like to thank Heather Cheshire and Linda Babcock of CEO at NCSU for
contributing their expertise in photo interpretation and extended help throughout the duration of
this project.
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