HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
<fieldset> . . . </fieldset>
Establishes a group of related form controls and labels. fieldset elements are placed within
the form element. It was introduced to improve form accessibility for users with alternative
browsing devices. The name of the fieldset is provided by the first child legend element.
fieldset elements may be nested.
Flow content, sectioning root, “listed, form-associated element”, palpable content
Permitted contexts:
Where flow content is expected
Permitted content:
An optional legend element, followed by flow content
Start/end tags:
HTML5 Global Attributes
disabled ( disabled="disabled" in XHTML)
Not in HTML 4.01 . Disables the controls contained in the fieldset . It can be altered
only via a script. Browsers may display disabled controls differently (grayed out, for ex-
ample), which could be useful for dimming certain controls until required info is supplied.
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