HTML and CSS Reference
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Media API , for playback of video and audio files with multimedia synchronization and
timed subtitles, used with the new video and audio elements ( and
13xEOBr )
TextTrack , for adding timed subtitles and captions for video and audio elements (
16ZQm6S )
Session History API , for exposing the browser history ( )
Offline Web Applications API , which allows web resources to be used while offline
( )
Editing API , including a new global contenteditable attribute ( )
Drag and Drop API , including the new draggable attribute ( )
Other HTML5-related APIs have separate specifications, including:
Canvas API for two-dimensional drawing in conjunction with the new canvas element
( )
Web Storage API allows data to be stored in the browser's cache so an app can use it
later ( )
Geolocation API lets users share longitude and latitude information for so they are ac-
cessible to scripts in web applications ( )
Web Workers API that allows scripts to run in the background to improve performance
( )
Web Sockets API that maintains an open connection between the client and the server so
data can pass between them in real time. This may be useful for multi-player games, chat,
and live data streams ( ).
File API gives access to files uploaded from a form input. It enables previews of the up-
loaded file to be shown and enables drag-and-drop uploading ( ).
This is only a handful of the dozens of APIs in development. The following resources provide
thorough lists of available APIs and other web technologies in an easy-to-use manner:
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