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command=" id of master elememt
id of master elememt "
When a command element uses the command attribute, its state is set based on the master
disabled ( disabled="disabled" in XHTML)
Indicates that a command is not available in the current state.
icon=" URL
Specifies the location of an image to be used as a button for the command.
label=" text
text "
Provides the name of the command, as displayed to the user.
radiogroup=" text
text "
Specifies the name of a group of commands when the command type is set to radio .
title=" text
text "
Provides a hint describing the command to aid the user.
Indicates the kind of command. The command keyword indicates a normal command with
an associated action. checkbox indicates the command state can be toggled on or off. ra-
dio indicates the command represents the selection of one item from a list of items.
Note: menuitem has replaced command in HTML5.1 and the living WHATWG spec.
<command onclick="cut()" label="Cut" >
<command onclick="copy()" label="Copy" >
<command onclick="paste()" label="Paste" >
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