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<col> (XHTML: <col/> or <col /> )
Establishesacolumn(orcolumnsviathe span attribute)withinatablesothatattributeproper-
ties may be applied to all the cells in the column(s). The col element does not group columns
structurally (that is handled by the colgroup element) but rather is an empty element that
allows attributes to be shared. The col element must appear after the caption element and
before any row ( tr ) or row group ( thead , tbody , tfoot ) elements with the table element.
Permitted contexts:
As the child of a colgroup element that doesn't have a span attribute
Permitted content:
Start/end tags:
This is an empty (void) element, meaning it has only a start tag and may not have any con-
tents. In HTML, the end tag is forbidden. In XHTML, the element must be closed with a
trailing slash ( <col/> or <col /> ).
HTML5 Global Attributes
span=" number
number "
Specifies the number of columns “spanned” by the col element. The default value is 1.
All columns indicated in the span are formatted according to the attribute settings in col .
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