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formtarget=" name
name "
Not in HTML 4.01 . Specifies the target window for the form results. It is used only with a
submit button ( input type="submit" ) and has the same function as the target attribute
for the form element.
menu=" text
text "
Not in HTML 4.01 . If the button's type attribute is set to menu , this attribute is required
to provide the ID of a menu element on the same page with its type set to popup .
name=" text
text "
Required . Assigns the control name for the element.
Identifies the behavior of the button: submit (submit button, the default type), reset (re-
set button), button (custom button controlled with JavaScript), or menu (shows a menu).
value=" text
text "
Assigns the value to the button control. The behavior of the button is determined by the
type attribute.
<button type="reset" name="reset"> <img src="thumbs-down.
gif" alt="thumbs-down icon"> Try again. </button>
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