HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
<body> . . . </body>
The body of a document contains the document's content. Content may be presented visually
(as in a graphical browser window) or aurally (by a screen reader). There may only be one
body element in a document. In HTML documents, it is optional; in XHTML, it is required.
Sectioning root
Permitted contexts:
As the second element in an html element
Permitted content:
Flow content
Start/end tags:
Start tag is optional if the element is empty or if the first thing in the body element is not a
space character or a comment, except if the first thing inside the body element is a script
or style element. The end tag is optional if the body element is not immediately followed
by a comment. (XHTML: Required/Required)
HTML5 Global Attributes ; plus onafterprint , onbeforeprint , onbeforeunload , onblur ,
onerror , onfocus , onhashchange , onload , onmessage , onoffline , ononline , onpage-
hide , onpageshow , onpopstate , onresize , onscroll , onstorage , and onunload
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