HTML and CSS Reference
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coords=" values
values "
Specifies a list of comma-separated pixel coordinates that define a “hot” area of an image
download=" file name
file name "
WHATWG and HTML5.1 only . Indicates the link is used for downloading a resource.
The value is the name the resource file should be given on the local file system once it is
href=" URI
Specifies the location of the document or resource that is accessed by clicking or tapping
on the defined area.
hreflang=" language code
language code "
Not in HTML 4.01 . Specifies the language of the target document.
Not in HTML 4.01 . HTML5 only . Describes the media for which the target document
was designed. The default is all . This attribute has been removed in HTML5.1 and
ping=" URLs
URLs "
WHATWG only . Specifies a space-separated list of URLs that must be contacted when
the link is followed, and is useful for user tracking.
rel=" link type keyword
link type keyword "
Describes one or more relationships from the current source document to the linked doc-
ument. The link relationship types specified for area are alternate , author , bookmark ,
help , license , next , nofollow , noreferrer , prefetch , prev , search , and tag .
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