HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
— A button element cannot contain a , form , input , select , textarea , label , button ,
iframe , or isindex .
— The label element cannot contain other label elements.
▪ The special characters < , > , & , ' , and " must always be represented by their character entit-
ies, including when they appear within attribute values. For example, &lt; , &gt; , &amp; ,
&apos; , and &quot; (respectively).
▪ XHTML documents must use id instead of name for identifying document fragments and
in a , applet , form , frame , iframe , img , and map elements.
▪ XHTMLdocumentsshouldbeservedasXMLapplications,notasHTMLtextdocuments.
More specifically, the server should be configured to serve XHTML documents with the
Content-type header set to application/xhtml+xml . If it is not possible to configure the
server, the content type may be specified in a meta element in the document's head , as
shown in this example:
<meta http-equiv="content-type"
content=" application/xhtml+xml ; charset=UTF-8" />
Unfortunately, some popular browsers (Internet Explorer in particular) cannot parse
XHTML documents as XML, causing pages to break. For more information on XHTML
MIME types, see .
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