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Indicates the intended purpose of the external track resource. subtitles provide a tran-
scriptionortranslationofdialoguethatdisplayoveravideo; captions provideacomplete
description of the audio (including sound effects and other audio cues) for when audio is
not available or for the hard-of-hearing; descriptions indicates the resource is an audio
track that describes what is happening in a video when it cannot be viewed; chapters are
chapter titles used for navigating the media resource; and metadata is a track intended to
be used by scripts but are not displayed. The default is subtitles .
label=" text string
text string "
Provides a title for the track that may be displayed by the browser.
src=" URL
Required . Provides the location of the text track data.
srclang=" 2-letter language code
2-letter language code "
Required for subtitles . Specifies the language of the text track data.
<video src="blockbuster.webm">
<track kind="subtitles" src="blockbuster.en.vtt"
srclang="en" label="English">
<track kind="subtitles" src=""
srclang="de" label="Deutsch">
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