HTML and CSS Reference
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name=" text
text "
Required . Specifies a name for the control. This name will be sent along with the control
content to the form-processing application.
placeholder=" text
text "
Not in HTML 4.01 . Provides a short (one word or short phrase) hint or example to help
the user enter the correct data. If a longer description is necessary, use the title attribute.
readonly ( readonly="readonly" in XHTML)
Indicates that the form control may not be modified.
required ( required="required" in XHTML)
Not in HTML 4.01 . When present, indicates the user must enter a value in the control
before submitting the form.
rows=" number
number "
Specifies theheightofthetextentryfieldinnumberoflinesoftext.Iftheuserentersmore
lines than are visible, the text field scrolls down to accommodate the extra lines.
Not in HTML 4.01 .Whensetto hard ,hardreturns(carriage return+linefeedcharacters)
are inserted at the end of lines as they appear in text entry field. When set to hard , there
must also be a cols attribute specifying the length of the line. When set to soft (the de-
fault), line breaks in the text entry field are not preserved in the returned data.
<p><label for="loveband">Official Contest Entry</label></p>
<textarea name="band" id="loveband" rows="4" cols="45" > Tell
us why you love the band. </textarea>
<p><label for="loveband">Official Contest Entry</label></p>
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