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<tbody> . . . </tbody>
Defines a row or group of rows as the “body” of the table. It must contain at least one row ele-
ment ( tr ). “Row group” elements ( tbody , thead , and tfoot ) could speed table display and
provide a mechanism for scrolling the body of a table independently of its head and foot, or
repeat the head and foot when a long table is printed across several pages.
Permitted contexts:
As the child of a table element, after any caption , colgroup , and thead elements, but
only if there are no tr elements that are children of the table element
Permitted content:
Zero or more tr elements
Start/end tags:
HTML: Start tag is optional if first element in the table is a tr and not preceded by tbody ,
thead , tfoot , or an end tag. End tag optional if immediately followed by tbody or tfoot
if there is no more content in the parent table; XHTML: Required/Required
HTML5 Global Attributes
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