HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
<table> . . . </table>
Indicates a table used for displaying rows and columns of data or information. The minimum
elements for defining a table are table for establishing the table itself, tr for declaring a table
row, and td for creating table cells within the row. The complete table model is shown below.
Flow content, palpable content
Permitted contexts:
Where flow content is expected
Permitted content:
In this order: optional caption element, then zero or more colgroup elements, followed
optionally by a thead element, followed optionally by a tfoot element, followed by
either zero or more tbody elements or one or more tr elements, followed optionally by a
tfoot element (there may only be one tfoot element total)
Start/end tags:
HTML5 Global Attributes
border=" number of pixels
number of pixels "
W3C only . Specifies the width (in pixels) of the border around the table and its cells. Set-
ting its value to 0 (zero) turns the borders off completely. The default value is 1. Adding
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