HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
<style> . . . </style>
Inserts one or more style rules (commonly Cascading Style Sheets) into the document. The
style element should not be confused with the global style attribute for applying styles to
an individual element.
In HTML5, the style element may be used in the content of the document. In HTML 4.01, it
must appear in the head of a document.
Metadata content, flow content (if the scoped attribute is present)
Permitted contexts:
Where metadata is expected or in a noscript element that is the child of a head element.
If the scoped attribute is present, where flow content is expected, but before any other
flow content other than interelement whitespace and not as the child of an element whose
content model is transparent.
Permitted content:
Style rules, dependent on the value of the type attribute. HTML5 assumes the styling lan-
guage to be in CSS syntax.
Start/end tags:
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