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async ( async="async" in XHTML)
Not in HTML 4.01 . Indicates an external script should be executed asynchronously, as
soon as it is available.
charset=" character set
character set "
Indicates the character encoding of an external script document (it is not relevant to the
content of the script element).
Not in HTML 4.01 . For sites that allow scripts from other domains, this attribute determ-
ines whether error information for scripts from other origins will be exposed.
defer ( defer="defer" in XHTML)
Indicates to the user agent that an external script should be executed once the page is fin-
ished parsing.
src=" URL
Provides the location of an external script.
type=" content-type
content-type "
Required in HTML 4.01. Optional in HTML5 if using JavaScript . Specifies the
scripting language used for the current script. The value is a content type, most often
text/javascript .
XHTML only . Instructs XML processors to preserve the whitespace in the element.
var foo = 52;
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